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The main purpose of the Project ENTRExplorer "Serious Game for Immersive Entrepreneurs" is to develop an online serious game related to entrepreneurship theme where the users\learners can have access to learning contents that will assist them in acquisition of entrepreneurial skills necessary to manage their own businesses in the future. This project has also the ambition of stimulate innovative ideas, drive and prepare learners to set up their own occupation and creation of new jobs.

In order to be competitive, Europe needs to reinforce the importance of SME's in the market supporting the entrepreneurial spirit, creating more jobs and new companies with a major impact on the profitability & competitiveness of European business. As so with this project we want support entrepreneurs to get the accurate skills and knowledge that will lead them to successful business. This will be done by the development of an innovative approach to common education/training formats that is a serious game that will set several scenarios related to the steps that an entrepreneur has to give from the "Proof of Concept" to "Creating the Company" and "Managing the Company".

Concerning the problems that this project will tackle we have two focus: One is the learning perspective where the goal is to develop an innovative approach by the development of a serious game where the player/learner can learn playing the game; and the second is strength Europe competitiveness in global economy reinforcing the role of SME's.

About this second problem, EC has being developing and implementing a large number of policy measures specifically to assist SMEs in Europe. These policies are aimed at ensuring the conditions on which small firms can be created and can thrive. If the EU is to achieve its goals of speeding up economic growth and creating more and better jobs, SMEs will play the biggest role since they are the main source of new jobs in Europe.

If we look the EU-business website (www.eubusiness.com) we find some of the policies that EC decided to implement to support SME's that are mainly 4: The "Small Business ACT"; EU funding opportunities for SME's; More Risk Capital; and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme. Two of those policies are exactly in line with the theme of this project that is ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

This project will be the result of 2 past LDV projects (YENTELS and YourFuture-YourProfite) and also the integration of some learning contents. YENTELS is a game where an entrepreneur can learn how to manage their business. YourFuture-YourProfite is a questionnaire that allows entrepreneurs to evaluate their soft skills regarding entrepreneur spirit.

About the impact of this project we expect on one hand to extend the use of innovative e-learning technologies (gaming) to develop skills, and on the other hand to support potential entrepreneurs to get knowledge and skills to run their own business, increasing the number of start up companies and SMEs across Europe.